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Allview ERA Health helps you to be your best version, through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The premium products developed and interconnected in the new range, together with the dedicated app, will open the doors to a new YOU. A healthier YOU!
Allview Era Health
A complex system for a balanced life
Each ERA Health element integrates naturally into your life and helps to discover your body needs. Earn health and time for yourself and your family, enjoy more energy, save money and limit the food waste. The app is the brain of the ERA, and together with the information provided by the hardware devices, the scale and the smart refrigerator, the options become unlimited and the recommendations are customized.
ERA Health App

Have your own
nutrition assistant
ERA Smart Refrigerator

Eat healthy and
reduce the food waste
ERA Smart Scale

Get to know
your body better
Allview ERA Smart Refrigerator
probably the smartest refrigerator you know

Discover the refrigerator that knows what food is inside. But not only that! Being interconnected with smart hardware devices and with the unique nutrition assistant that provides solutions for the deficit of vitamins and minerals from diet, you have:

Allview Era Health
Recipes and
daily menus

based on the ingredients which you have, but which cover your vitamin and mineral needs.

Allview Era Health
Reducing food

because we notify you when your products expire.

Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Smart planning
of the recipes

for the use of food with short expiry term

Allview Era Health
The list of
additives in stock

presents the products with different risk levels in descending order.

Allview Era Health
Total No Frost
The refrigerator has one of the best technologies in terms of cooling and preserving food. Total No Frost limits mold or smell occurence inside the refridgerator. This is thanks to an advanced ventilation and air treatment system, which blocks frost development. The food is fresher for a longer time.

Quick Cooling

The dedicated refrigerator compartment facilitates the quick cooling of food at 2°C.

Allview Era Health
Super Freeze
Freeze the food quickly by placing it in the dedicated compartment in the freezer. They will reach -25°C in a shorter time than in a conventional freezer.
Allview Era Health
Healthy can be also tasty!

Allview ERA Health, together with all the associated hardware devices, have the role of helping you to discover your body needs, as well as the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The personalized food plan* is continuously adjusted according to the body's need for micro- and macronutrients, as well as the progress made. In addition, all the suggested recipes are not only healthy, but also tasty.

*available feature only if you have the Allview ERA Health app installed on your smartphone

Allview Era Health

Pleasant and effective interface

We have added shortcuts to the most useful and used functions in the main menu, so that you have all the tools for a balanced life at your fingertips.

Allview Era Health
Ensure your micro and macronutrients needs

Healthy habits are learned over time, and avoiding over-shopping also eliminates over-consumption. Maintain a balance in your stock and check quickly, at any time, the quality of the food in your kitchen, by viewing the ratio of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in it.

Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Save and reduce the food waste

The Eat me soon list shows you the products that will expire soon and the Eat Me Smart function generates recipe ideas for you with the products that expire in the next 48 hours, in order to include them in the menu.

Removes dangerous products

In the Eat Me Less category you will find the list of foods that contain dangerous additives for health. We recommend you to consume them as rarely as possible.

Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Plan your budget smartly

If you value healthy eating and freshly prepared food for your family, the ERA refrigerator will help you earn time to spend it somewhere other than in the kitchen. Automatically generate personalized shopping lists, realized according to the consumption habits of the entire family.

Food in – food out

To make this process as easy as possible, you have several options for adding and removing products from the app's stock. We suggest you to add also the products stored outside the refrigerator.

Add food:

  • • Scan the barcode with ERA SCAN
  • • Enter foods with ERA GRID, through the quick selection of categories and subcategories
  • By voice
  • Allview Era Health
    Allview Era Health
    Remove food:

  • • By easy selections

  • • By automatic selection, when you use them in a dish

  • • By adding the products eaten at each meal

  • • By voice
  • Family chat

    Every user registered in ERA Health can send messages in the common chat and contribute to the shopping lists, directly from their smartphone.

    Allview Era Health
    Allview Era Health
    Allview Era Health
    Allview Era Health
    meal plans

    Create daily menus with healthy recipes for the whole family, with ingredients that are in your fridge and that cover the micro and macronutrients needs.

    Allview Era Health
    Curious what's inside?

    Are you already at shopping and don't know what you have in the fridge? Take a virtual look inside it. The internal wide angle Dual LED camera allows you to view the products in the refrigerator on your smartphone but also directly on the refrigerator screen.

    Allview Era Health

    Included entertainment

    The touch screen of the refrigerator replaces other electronic devices in your kitchen, because it can be transformed into an entertainment center at any time, being compatible with Android applications. Listen to your favorite music, follow the steps of your favorite recipes, send messages or video call your loved ones, directly from the refrigerator.

    The control center of your home
    is moving to your refrigerator door

    Connect your SMART devices with your smart refrigerator and thus control the whole house directly from the refrigerator screen.

    Allview Era Health
    Minimalist design, functional,
    Side by Side

    The ERA refrigerator integrates easily into any modern kitchen. The high-quality finishes and the anti-fingerprint surface guarantee easy maintenance and resistance to scratches. The 400 liters capacity provides enough space for a family.

    Smart Mode

    In Smart mode, the refrigerator will automatically set its temperatures in both compartments according to the ambient temperature. Thus, the optimal operating temperature is chosen without you having to intervene.

    Holiday Mode

    Choose this mode when you are away for longer periods in order to reduce consumption. The temperatures will be automatically set to 8°C for the fridge and -18°C for the freezer.

    ERA Smart FS 400 Refrigerator

    + Era Smart Scale & Era Health App Premium
    (one year for two people)

    Allview Era Health
    • Total Storage Volume (L): 400

    • Cooling Type: Total No Frost

    • Built in display: Dual display mode (LED+IPS)

    • Main display size and resolution: 10" HD

    • Main display type: IPS

    • Touchscreen type and size: Capacitive, Scratch resistant glass 13.5"

    • Inside view camera: Ultra wide angle camera, dual led

    • Working modes: Quick cooling mode, Super freeze mode, Ambient Smart mode, Holiday mode Smart functions: Smart food management - Eat Me Smart, Food expire management - Eat Me Soon, Smart aditives management - Eat Me Less, Vitamines and minerales management - My VitaMin

    • Energy Efficiency Class: F

    • Energy consumption E16: 0.634kWh/24h

    • Energy consumption E32: 1.305kWh/24h

    • Defrosting power: 275W

    • Language: English, Romanian (French, German, Spanish - 2023)

    Allview Era Health

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