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Allview Era Health is the first personal nutrition assistant that provides personalized recipes based on your macronutrient needs and recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals.
Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Created to give you control.
Allview ERA Health - the innovative app. developed by the Allview team helps you to take control and have a healthier lifestyle, thanks to the intelligent system for monitoring the evolution of body composition data provided by the Allview ERA scale, and continuous adjustment of the nutrients from the recommended recipes.
Innovation adapted to your lifestyle.

The Allview ERA Health app. is very easy to use, helps you to discover your body's nutritional needs and provides you a personalized food plan.

Allview Era Health

The only nutrition assistant that provides solutions for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the diet.

Allview Era Health

Recipes generated based on optimal nutrients requirement, body composition data provided by the scale and physical activity.

One application,
multiple advantages

With Allview ERA Health you learn to have a healthy and responsible diet and also to make the best choices for your body.

Allview Era Health

You choose your favorite food style, so that the recommended personalized recipes are in line with your preferences (Keto, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting Diet).

Allview Era Health

The option of scanning the consumed food, in order to find out information about the nutritional values and also for the continuous adjustment of the recommended recipes.

Allview Era Health

You select your current lifestyle and add your physical activities or synchronize the Google Fit app, and your goals will be adjusted to make your recommended food plan the right one for you.

Allview Era Health
Medical research.

A mixed team of diabetologists, nutritionists, the research team of Transilvania University of Brasov (Faculty of Public Food and Tourism) and the R&D Allview department contributed to the development of the Allview ERA Health concept.

How it works?

Discover how easy is to use the Allview ERA Health app.

How do you measure
a healthy lifestyle?

What is most important to you? To track your body weight, to learn about the food your body needs, to have a personalized diet or monitor progress?

The Allview ERA Scale is the first device in the Era range which represents a complex solution for the whole family.

Now it's easy to monitor many different health values: body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, bone mass, percentage of water in the body, metabolic age for 8 different users. Based on these elements you will find out your needs of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, transposed into personalized recipes.

Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health
Reach your personal goals!

The Allview ERA Scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis — the most widely used body scaling technology to estimate body mass and composition.

The data from each weigh-in automatically syncs with your smartphone through the Allview ERA Health app, where you can set your goals, get a personalized nutrition plan and enjoy an intelligent body composition tracking system provided by the Allview ERA Scale, and continuous nutrient adjustment from recommended recipes.

Allview Era Health
Is your body your mirror?

With the Allview ERA Scales it's not just about weight, it's the friend who will lead you into a healthier and balanced lifestyle in order to preserve your beauty and vitality.

Allview Era Health
Allview Era Health

Design & efficiency

The sleek, thin, bright white design with a discreet and easily legible display, thanks to the integrated LED light, gives the new Allview ERA Scale refinement and modernity.

The Allview ERA Scale was designed from a durable glass and features an anti-slip system to ensure optimal grip.

Allview Era Health

Connected for your health.

The Allview ERA Scale connects easily and quickly to the Allview ERA Health app, thanks to integrated Bluetooth technology. Thus, the application will become your personal assistant who will monitor you, suggest your nutrition plan correlated with the values resulting from the weighing and will guide you step by step until you reach the set goals.

ERA Smart Refrigerator

+ Era Smart Scale & Era Health App Premium
(one year for two people)

Allview Era Health
  • Total Storage Volume (L): 400

  • Cooling Type: Total No Frost

  • Built in display: Dual display mode (LED+IPS)

  • Main display size and resolution: 10" HD

  • Main display type: IPS

  • Touchscreen type and size: Capacitive, Scratch resistant glass 13.5"

  • Inside view camera: Ultra wide angle camera, dual led

  • Working modes: Quick cooling mode, Super freeze mode, Ambient Smart mode, Holiday mode Smart functions: Smart food management - Eat Me Smart, Food expire management - Eat Me Soon, Smart aditives management - Eat Me Less, Vitamines and minerales management - My VitaMin

  • Energy Efficiency Class: F

  • Energy consumption E16: 0.634kWh/24h

  • Energy consumption E32: 1.305kWh/24h

  • Defrosting power: 275W

  • Language: English, Romanian (French, German, Spanish - 2023)

The ERA refrigerator is available for pre-order at the price of 1.199 € and will be delivered starting in November 2022, in the order of pre-orders received. The first 100 customers will receive a free ERA scale and Premium access to the mobile version of the ERA Health app for 2 users for one year.

*The ERA refrigerator also works without the mobile version of the ERA Health app. The app only works in English.

Price: 1.199 €

Allview Era Health

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