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One menu for all your notifications

Now you can find all your notifications in one window. You can visualize in a glance all your lost calls, received messages and much more! Moreover the notification menu is a drop-down one, that doesn’t overcrowd your screen.

Idle menu

Navigate through the semi-circular menu from the bottom of the screen with the central key and use the pre-defined shortcuts. You are one touch away from Streaming Media, Facebook, Google search, Task Manager or the predefined application menu.  You can see it or not on the screen, depending on your needs.

Schedule you meetings automatically


With Q2 you don’t have to make ten phonecalls to fix a meeting. You can just send a task to the Outlook of all the persons involved. Q2 Cloud will synchronize the meeting with your partners’ Microsoft Outlook 2007 calendar.

Moreover the phone can also synchronize its phonebook, calendar and tasks with a synchronization server ( e.g:  Googlesync, Hotmail, etc). This way you can organize better, keeping under control the meetings and tasks, while your phonebook will be safely kept on the server.


Push & Go

Discover the shortcuts through keys to the most useful applications. If you are in the car and can’t follow all the steps to open an application, just push the dedicated key and you are there. We created this system so that you can access the important function fast and easy. The dedicated keys allow you to take a fast snapshot, to check your calendar, to create an instant hotspot etc.

Discover the functions of each key.

Enjoy the wireless and 3G connection

In business is crucial to stay connected. With Q2 you can connect extremely fast to the Internet. You can use the 3G connection, that has a transfer speed up to 7,2 Mbps, or the Wi-Fi . You can access any web-page, e-mail included, from everywhere. Moreover the new gadget changes between internet devices automatically, to optimize the data transfer. Even if you are connected through 3G your phone will detect the wireless networks and connect instantly to them.




Write a message with great dexterity


Tired of looking through old messages or to define your own dictionary?Q2 offers you a simple solution. The T9 function is predefined for several languages, offering you the easiest way to introduce text.


By accessing the “Conversation” option you can easily track all the history of a conversation.




One phone- more Internet users

Share the internet with everybody! Now your phone is not bringing benefits only to you. With its Hotspot function, Q2 can function as a 3G router allowing up to 8 devices to link to the terminal for web access.

2 Themes for the main menu

Q2 offers you the possibility to choose between two options of displaying the menu. You can easily switch between them and choose the one that fits you best.

The first theme gives you the possibility to see on the display the entire menu. The colors of the icons are very attractive, defined by metallic hues. The second theme displays the menu in a tridimensional shape. On the screen you will see only one icon, representative for its function.

Camera: Smile & Face detection and  Panoramic

Q2 is much more than a business phone! Its smart functions help you in your free time! Capture a smile with smile detection or create your own panorama with the panoramic option.




The phone has 3G technology and offers high speed for the broad band. This way you can make or receive video calls with the help of the frontal camera. The gadget can transfer simultaneously two types of information: voice and image so that you can be close to your dear ones in the important moments of their lives.

The fastest browser for mobile phones- Opera Mini

The preinstalled Opera Mini browser brings multiple advantages, being the fastest and most complex application for mobile phones. Opera Mini reduces the costs implied by data transfer down to 90% due to the compression technology integrated. You can create bookmarks that will appear automatically on your first page when you open the browser or you can save an image directly from the pages that you visit. The file will be saved in the phone’s memory allowing you to modify features such as colors, contrast etc 

Portable services from Allview

In Allview’s AplyStore you can find free games and applications from all fields.  To make your search easier they are organized in well defined categories. Through the menu you have direct access to “Top applications”, “Categories” and to the search engine. After you find the application that you need you can downloaded directly from your phone and use it right away.  

By using the “News” application you have instant access to the newest portal from this category. You find the latest news from the best journalists and from the most popular news pages, all in one place. Moreover the page has a search engine that allows you to find articles that have the selected combination of words.

Stunnel is our way to communicate with you. From here you can find how to make the settings for different applications or function, details about the product’s warranty, FAQ etc.